Leebo Group has always deliberated on providing the highest quality of copper and copper-based products to industries across the globe. It is done with a sense of rectitude and responsibility towards its customers, employees and the environment.

The business has been built on strong pillars of integrity and transparency. It has adapted to cater the needs of the market with a strong customer centric focus. In a very short span of time, it has managed to establish a strong reputation in the market as an esteemed manufacturer and exporter of a premium range of copper and copper-based products.

Leebo Group’s clients are mainly in the business of power generation, transmission and distribution; infrastructure, telecommunication, and large PSUs. Being In the business for the past 30+ years, it has, over the years built a huge database of loyal Customers, who rely on its ability to meet their ever-changing demands, and also the astute knowledge of the industry which has been acquired over the past three decades of operation. The business’s success emanates from the rich traditions and spirit of constant innovation.

The Group is constantly pursuing and applying novel technologies to the manufacturing processes in order to optimize production costs and precipitate increased copper and associated metals recovery from its proprietary processes. Simultaneously, as a progressive organization, it endeavors to protect the natural resources, the environment, and seeks to ensure the occupational safety of all its employees involved in the manufacturing processes.

To effectuate the same, The Group has taken extreme caution in building safe, latest state-of-the-art, hazard-free, efficient manufacturing plants at Tarapur and Daman. The work environment is designed in accordance with six sigma metrics. The company is committed to the goals of sustainable production and zero waste. This is evident from its choice of raw materials, installation of modern, cutting edge machinery, the existence of tool rooms and usage of heat reduction systems.

While maintaining this exorbitant pace of growth, the goals set for upcoming years:

To Install and achieve a target of about 40000 MT /annum by 2025

To Increase the customer base to over 1000 active customers

To Emerge as an undisputed leader in quality metal supply

For over a decade, Leebo Group has been participating actively in a slew of international trade fairs in the UAE and South Africa and ELECRAMA Exhibition from 2008 to 2020.

The Journey Thus Far

From a modest beginning, the fore founders with their vision and passion made a foray in the metals business, manufacturing copper and copper-based products for the Indian market. The young scion took up the challenge and worked hard to spearhead the company into one of the best managed copper manufacturing units.

The journey began with Mr. Rajesh S Agarwal as a young entrepreneur visiting his father’s manufacturing plants. Endowed with keen observation skills he started taking an ardent interest in the operations of the two conventional units - OMEGA ROLLING MILLS PVT LTD at Tarapur was commenced in 1987 & was taken over in 1999 and LEEBO METALS PVT LIMITED at Daman, set-up in 1995. Both plants span over 10000 Sq.m and boast of an annual productive capacity of 24000 MT.

Demographically too, both the Plants are located within close proximity to major roadways and rail heads making them easily accessible via all logistic networks.

Functional Aspects

Though both the Units are functioning independently they work cohesively as a single unit under the flagship of "Leebo Group". This strategic functional aspect was incorporated under the tutelage of Mr. Rajesh S Agarwal, a visionary leader, who has several years of understanding of the trade and scientific knowledge of Copper and Copper based products.

It was Mr. Rajesh S Agarwal’s long-term vision and belief in the robustness of the demand for premium copper products that led to the cohesive functionality of two state-of-the-art operations. Over the years, the vision bore fruit through a series of strategic moves, successful collaborations and introducing the latest suite of technologies into the manufacturing processes.

Today, Leebo Group has managed to establish strong brand equity in the market. Leaping forward, the Group’s prime objective is to further strengthen its relationship with existing clients, explore and forge new business ties with global partners to expand the reach of our premium quality copper and allied products to other markets, through strategic alliances.

Why Leebo Group?

Making use of latest high-tech machinery and state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture its products and achieve faster and better-quality outcomes.

Cutting-edge technology and precision machinery are used at both plants, with a huge capacity and volume-based production.

Heavy investments in plant’s, machines and equipment are made resulting in high-speed, consistent production and huge time and cost savings to the Customers.

End-to-end deliveries are done by the Group.

Heavy investment in latest know-how, plant, equipment and machinery helps to deliver orders in time, irrespective of their volume.

Utilizing only the best quality of raw materials and adopting stringent quality control methods, production of world-class products with the help of a strong team of technically competent, highly-qualified engineers, supervisors, inspectors and operators at every stage of the production cycle.

The esteemed employees are experienced and knowledgeable about machines and processes, and are committed to continuously improving the systems to satisfy its Customers. The average employee tenure is more than the industry average.

Customer service is the top priority. Response to Customer requests and queries are of utmost importance and always prompt. The back-office team is as trained and committed to troubleshooting as the front-end team is responsive to sales.

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